Why is it taking so long to get your furniture?

If you’ve been shopping for furniture or mattresses recently, you may have heard that there are many issues with products being out of stock. 2020 created a massive backlog of furniture orders thanks to Covid-19 factory shutdowns coupled with people at home quickly discovering that they needed new furniture.  Now that the demand for new furniture has skyrocketed, people are facing the tough reality that deliveries taking months to arrive. 

But with the country now re-opening, why is the furniture still taking so long to be made, and what is holding up the manufacturers? It turns out that it may not be what you think.

Yes, the industry is having a problem getting factory workers back to work, but that’s not the main reason for the slow down. The truth is we have a massive foam shortage in the United States and many of the supply issues are due to a lack of foam.

The unprecedented 2021 winter storms that hit Texas and Louisiana have caused extensive damage to the largest chemical plants and foam factories in the United States, enough damage to shut them down completely. These foam manufacturers have suspended obligations made in contracts due to these unforeseeable circumstances. Until these foam factories are back up and running, the furniture industry will be receiving significant reductions in foam supply. 

Production has been estimated to be down 30% to 40% in March and this trend will last well into April and May. The foam allocations manufacturers’ are receiving have slowly gotten smaller since foam was first limited in early March, causing some manufacturer’s to cut production to only 3 days a week.  

So what can you do to avoid having to deal with these foam shortage delays?

Buy in-Stock merchandise. If you need furniture fast and don’t want to wait, buying in-stock home furnishings is the best way to cut down on time spent waiting for your furniture delivery.

Buy Casegoods. Concentrate on furnishing rooms with wood casegoods. We all know that sofas and mattresses need foam to be manufactured. If you need to furnish a bedroom or dining room you will most likely wait a lot less for that new dining set or bedroom set. These wood products don’t need foam for production. 

Learn Patience. If your furniture is not in stock, you will be at the mercy of the ever-changing supply chain. If you are willing to be patient to get the exact furniture you want and it will be well worth the wait. 

As a retailer, Ruby-Gordon is working closely with our vendor partners to monitor the situation. We do anticipate some disruption that will last for many months, and will do our absolute best to update your order with new ETA’s when the manufacturers provide them to us. 

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