How to Avoid Buying Mistakes

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed.

1. Select pieces that suit your lifestyle, and consider how long you plan to keep a piece especially if it’s a splurge! And be honest with yourself. Do you tend to be rough on your furniture? If you forget to factor in small children, pets, snacking while watching TV, football Sundays you could be heading for disaster. If so, it might be worth the extra investment to get better-quality pieces, or to consider a fabric that is stain-resistant, because your white linen sofa will not last too long with muddy feet scampering around it. Make sure to think ahead, too: your needs right now could be different than they will be in a few years. Don’t throw your money away on something that might not suit your lifestyle in a couple short years.

2. Measure your space. Measure the room or space you are working in, as well as any existing furniture you are incorporating into your design. One easy way to tell if your new furniture will fit is to lay out the size and shape of the furniture in masking tape, on the floor of the room where it’s going. This will give you a great visual idea of where the furniture is going to be. Most importantly measure all doorways and hallways the new furniture needs to fit through, because the furniture won’t work if it cannot make it in to the room itself. 

3. Don’t ignore scale. A sofa that looks just right in the store, might look too big in your room or not big enough. Essentially you want to be sure that whatever you are buying fits the scale of the room and fits to the scale of the other pieces in the room.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of a good rug, especially in a living room. Don’t buy a rug that is too small, spend the extra money and buy a rug that fits the room. A too small rug can make a room look smaller. Here is a good rule to follow to find the right size rug for your space:  The front two legs of each piece of furniture should be on the rug. If they miss the rug (even by an inch), your rug is too small. In a perfect world, all four legs of your sofa and chairs are on the rug.

5. Don’t fall in to fads. It is best to buy a piece of furniture that you will feel comfortable with for years to come. That goes for color as well as style. Fads can come and go quickly, so look beyond and buy a classic piece. And just remember you can play around with fad styles in the accessories!

6. Check everything. Yes, the piece of furniture you’re getting may be the perfect style for your home, but don’t be surprised by hidden things that often get overlooked. If it’s important that you’re able to flip the cushions of your sofa.  Check to make sure that the pieces to your new sectional will clip together on the bottom, so they don’t slide all over your hardwood floor. If you’re getting a new bedroom set, does your new bed need a boxspring with it?

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