Is Custom Furniture Right for You?

In the market for new furniture but not finding the perfect piece? Perhaps custom furniture is right for you. 

When a consumer chooses custom furniture, they basically want out from the cookie-cutter approach. The biggest benefit of going for custom furniture for the consumer is of course- how the furniture looks and how it functions. These are two primary reasons why people turn towards custom furniture. Custom furniture also helps you play with the different colors in the same product. Standard showrooms offer three different colors, where you have the option to choose from many different designs as well as fabrics. The pieces you choose are bound to be unique; which are surely not going to be there anywhere around. We see this all the time: a customer comes into our store looking for a new sofa, and he or she has certain requirements for a new piece. “It needs to be a certain size to fit in this spot,” they say. “I want it to look just like this sofa I saw in a magazine!” is another comment we’ve heard plenty of times. These are all completely reasonable things to ask for, but it’s common that the “perfect” item just doesn’t exist and it has to be hand-made by one of our custom manufacturers. 

At Ruby Gordon, we’ve sold a lot of custom furniture in over 80 years, and we want to share some of the pros and cons we’ve learned through customer experience and interaction.


• No compromise: The ability to pick and choose your design details means that you can get exactly what you’re looking for in a sofa, without having to settle for anything. If you have a list of a list of five things that you need out of a new couch, would you rather have all five, or settle for maybe three of them? 

• Priorities: Every shopper has different priorities. A young family might prioritize durability over style, while that young family’s parents might choose something more fashionable. A one-size-fits-all sofa won’t work for everybody- a custom sofa allows everyone to address their own issues. 

• Construction: This isn’t true across the board, but generally speaking, custom pieces tend to be built better. They tend to be built with better materials and construction techniques. It makes sense to invest in something that will last longer. 

• Pride: You are the one that picked everything out, so you get to be the one to accept all the praise when your company raves about how good it looks. If you’ve ever thought that you have the skills to design it yourself, now is the time to put them to use!

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• Cost: Custom furniture will cost a bit more than ready-made furniture. Some manufacturers will save money by making a million of the same sofa in one or two fabrics. Manufacturers that offer custom sofas have to keep more materials and fabrics in stock, and have to be made to order each time. The higher price for custom made furniture comes exceptional quality and masterful attention to detail that you will not find in standard furniture.

• Delivery Time : Due to the time needed for custom manufacturing, you may want to consider how long the delivery time could take before pulling the trigger on a custom order. If you need furniture fast, custom order furniture is not the best option for your furniture needs. It’s your decision whether the perfect piece is worth the wait. 

• Decision Making: Many times, people get overwhelmed by the number of options they have to choose from. If you’re not good at making decisions, you might need to enlist the help of your salesperson, a designer, or a trusted friend to help make up your mind. 

• Returns: Most of the time a piece that you’ve customized cannot be returned. Make sure you’re comfortable with your choices, and don’t let a salesperson pressure you into making a decision if you’re not ready. Also, ask what the store’s return or cancellation policy is on a custom piece.

If you are looking to enhance your bedroom, living room, or dining room with a new piece of custom furniture, consider making an appointment at Ruby-Gordon.

Ruby-Gordon has a wide variety of custom furniture options available at both of our Rochester, NY store locations. 

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